Wedding Photography Privacy Policy

About this Wedding Photography Privacy Policy


Ivan Begala Photography is committed to processing information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In line with GDPR, all personal data such as contacts, name, email address and phone number collected for the purpose of his photographic business will be held securely and only as long as necessary.


How does Ivan Begala Photography receive your contact details?

Ivan only receives your contact details as name, surname, email address, etc when you contact him (for example when you send him an email or contact him to enquire about his availability, price of his wedding packages, etc).



How does Ivan Begala Photography treat and store your contact details? 

As a professional wedding photographer Ivan takes your privacy very seriously keeping your contact details confidential. Your contact details are stored following appropriate security, integrity, and confidentiality.

Wedding Photography Privacy Policy


For how long does Ivan Begala Photography retain my contact details?

Ivan will only retain your contact details and email conversations with him for as long as necessary for the specified purpose of his business.


How does Ivan Begala Photography store your wedding photos?

Your wedding photos are safely stored in password protected, encrypted hard drives and only stored for the nature of the business until necessary.

Any query related to his wedding photography privacy policy or use of cookies on his website? 

If you have any questions on Ivan wedding photography privacy policy or use of cookies on this website, please contact Ivan via email on or call 087-6258278.

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