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Brides and Grooms your wedding day lasts a day, your memories forever

Think about it when choosing your wedding photographer

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As a wedding photographer Cork based, my focus is to let you relive the atmosphere of those unforgettable moments of your wedding, people's feelings, the laughs and tears, the joy, the fun and excitement.

Choose me as your Cork wedding photographer and get the beautiful photos you deserve!

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Photography is a great passion for me so I always do everything I can to capture the most beautiful, flattering and unique photographs.

It really really makes me happy and proud to read how many brides and grooms I photographed are happy and positively suprised when they see their wedding images.

As a professional Cork wedding photographer when I am behind the camera I strive to capture real moments and emotions as they unfold throughout the day. 

During your wedding day, I keeping things very simple and tell a real story of your wedding day, showing things as they happened.

I will of course take the formal photos of you with family and bridal party, but apart that moment, for the rest of the day, I capture things as they happen without staging anything or asking you or your guests to pose for me.

Bride and groom walking on stairs while holding hand

You will get also photographs of the two of you by yourselves and also this, with me, happens in a very natural way. I may just give you some brief directions as having a walk holding each other’s hands, etc.

At the end of the day, as a Cork wedding photographer I genuinely believe that the most flattering wedding images are of those moments when you are not even aware of the photographer!

My photo journalistic, non-obstructive style is ideal as it allows you to relax while I create unique photographs working from interesting angles. From morning preparations, to wedding reception, cutting of the cake, speeches and first dance you will be able to enjoy every moment without feeling under pressure in front of the camera.

Bride walking in Japanese gardens photo Ivan Begala

I am a professional Cork wedding photographer that moves discreetly without attracting attention while focusing on capturing unique moments in a beautiful and artistic way.

Every moment of your day is important and I will make sure to capture it for you!

So far as a wedding photographer Cork has been a fantastic place to shoot weddings and the perfect environment to grow my experience in this field.

I always overcame all possible challenges posed by the unpredictable Irish weather, from weddings under the scorching sun, or freezing cold, heavy showers and windy days!


As wedding photographer Cork and all the surrounding areas are fantastic. I had the pleasure to photograph weddings all around Ireland but as I am a wedding photographer Cork based, I mainly focus in County Cork, Kerry and Limerick.


No matter what, as a Cork wedding photographer I always deliver unique and unforgettable wedding images to all my clients, leaving them very happy and positively surprised! Read the reviews and contact me to get the wedding photography you deserve!



If you are looking for a Cork wedding photographer that can capture your wedding while allowing you and your guests to relax and fully enjoy your day, fill the form below. 

I will check if I am available to photograph your wedding and send you a personalised wedding package with a competitive price.

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